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If you have ever taken a child to the dentist for a check-up, then you probably know how difficult it can be for your child to have to undergo a dental x-ray. Not only does the prospect of a visit with the dentist bring on anxiety for many children, the added stress of having to have an x-ray by themselves can add to it. In addition, many parents are also becoming increasingly concerned with the negative effects of radiation that x-rays expose their children.

But now these worries that cause both parent and child to be anxious in the day if their dental appointment can be gone for good!

Now with the new technology of the ProOne X-ray machine being used at Edgewater Pediatric Dentistry, you and your child can have a more pleasant -and safer - visit!

The ProOne emits half the radiation of traditional dental x-rays, meaning you can rest assured that your child's dental visit will always leave them healthier - without potentially dangerous levels of radiation.

The ProOne also takes care of those often troubling mouth pieces. Images are produced with the highest level of accuracy, multiple attempts will also not be needed - the ProOne's cone repositions itself closer to the face automatically to take those tricky bite wing pictures. Photos are also processed quicker, making time between positioning go faster. Photos are clearer than pictures older x-ray machines can produce, so the visit is made more efficient by making diagnosis easier.

The ProOne also makes it easier for your child to properly position themselves for their x-ray. The easy, wide open side entry position means there will be less of a chance that your child will be in the wrong position. It also has special beams that show the patient where to position themselves, making it easy and even more relaxed for small kids.

The ProOne teamed up with all the latest in Pediatric Dentistry available here, plus our great team of professionally trained pediatric dentists, ensures that every time you and your child come for a visit over at Edgewater Pediatric, your visit will always be pleasant and quick.